Our unique collection is for your Home & Body. Your favorite Cologne/Perfume fragrance turned into Body Oil, Incense, Wax Melts, & Candles made with Natural Soy Wax which is full of Vitamin E & Antioxidant properties that lock in moisture. Soy wax is body friendly and especially good for dry skin areas (elbows, knees, cuticles, hands, & heels). *Avoid sensitive areas & face). Our oils are uncut, no solvents, & no dilutions; concentrated oils last on the skin longer than normal cologne/perfume "A DAB WILL DO"


*Burn Candle for Fragrance

        & Use as Massage Oil


                *Wear Body Oil

                       & Burn to Freshen Air


                               *Warm Wax Melts as Air Freshener

                                        & Wear as Body Lotion


                                           *Light Incense, Blow out flame, 

                                                    & Enjoy your Favorite Fragrance

                                                          throughout the room